Tranquility guaranteed

For us it is very important that each CUCA offers you an incredible and lasting driving experience. That is why each CUCA is made with care and keeping demanding quality standards that make it perfect and unique.

Apart from the rigorous quality control of our manufacture, each CUCA has a complete pre-delivery inspection . In this way, you can rest assured that when you receive your CUCA, it will be exactly as planned.

CUCA is built to last and that is why we give a two-year guarantee on each model we manufacture (as long as the use is appropriate and it is not used for purposes other than personal*). A gasoline scooter would need to pass the ITV after 3 years, but not with CUCA!

Because CUCA has an electric motor instead of a gasoline engine like any moped or motorcycle, there are very few parts that require periodic maintenance or that can cause problems in the medium-long term.

And of course, forget about making oil changes, changing spark plugs or filling up the gas tank . All of that is a thing of the past.

* Companies dedicated to the rental of our product will not be subject to guarantee.