Gasoline has had its moment. Let's electrify the world.

At CUCA, one of our main driving forces has always been our desire to have a positive impact on the environment .

The relentless - and often unnecessary - use of motorized vehicles is causing significant damage to our ecosystem at an alarming rate.

For example, a recent UK study found that passenger cars are responsible for 53% of total UK transport emissions. What bothers the CUCA team is that many of these trips are only 2 kilometers away. We firmly believe that CUCA is ideal for these short and undemanding transfers.

But why change?

Okay, we understand that some terrain is more demanding and can be intimidating for someone who is not an experienced rider.

But CUCA is not just a bicycle .

Our bikes give you the ability to:

  • Navigate hills and rough terrain with ease
  • faster travel
  • Ride with ease regardless of physical fitness
  • Circulate without getting tired or sweating

What more could you want?

As you know, our bikes are completely electric - so you can ride and ride on roads emitting 0% emissions.

Unfortunately, this cannot be said about the car that emits more than 2 tons of CO2 per year.

Being sustainable not only saves the environment, but also saves money.

To put this in context, if those of us who live within a radius of 2 kilometers decided to use electricity, we would save €3.7 billion each year in motor vehicle costs.